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Battle for Survival

by on Jan.08, 2011, under Random other, Technology, Thoughts during the midnight restlessness

In the natural world we have many different kinds of microbial life that is resistant to  removal via antibiotic drugs and our own immune system.   These microbial lifeforms are the epitome of evolution, they react and counter just about anything we throw at them to combat them.  Such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA:

However, rather recently we have been achieving great strides in microbiology and synthetic life.   We have the ability and some knowledge to build our own proteins,  build our own DNA codes, and even produce a self sustaining life form. (

Could it be possible in the not so distant future to actually build our own organisms could act as a counter to these evolution proteges?  I think that we may be able to build a organism that can combat strains such as MRSA.  We could build it to act as a sort of predatory microbe and it’s pray is MRSA or another microbe like AIDS or HIV.

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Bird Boss

by on Dec.30, 2010, under Thoughts during the midnight restlessness

While driving back from my morning hunter gatherer excursion to McDonalds, I happened to notice a small flock of about 9 to 12 birds flying from point A to Point B.  Wherever those destinations might have happen to be.  But a small though arose in my still morning fogged mine:  Does your average flock of birds have a lead bird?   I’m not talking about your common migratory flights, but just when one flock is disturbed from peace.

“Even the bird-brained can follow a leader. When pigeons fly in flocks, each bird falls behind another with better navigational skill, and the savviest among them leads the flock, scientists report in the April 8 Nature.”

This is what i saw, except with much less birds:—Flock-of-Birds_web.jpg?&k=Flock+of+Birds

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Announce = “Hello World!”

by on Dec.28, 2010, under Random other, Uncategorized

Well, this should be a complex inaugural address to mark the occasion. But I am not all that great with words, so I will keep it simple. Here it goes:

> Hello world!<
This is my blog, I will be posting my views and my opinion on a wide variety of topics. I hope that you, my readers, can understand and even enjoy some of what I have to say. With my blog I hope to promote peace between people, herald and even attempt to usher in new technologies, and above all, I hope that you read my blog and spread it's words to your fellow man.

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