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According to my notes, cytotoxic juvenile delinquents should be sent to the thymus to mature

May 20th, 2010 by Greippi

I’m revising for some exams right now, and I keep coming across “witty” comments I’ve left myself in my lecture notes. They reveal vital and important insights in my attitudes towards the importance of various topics (my “molecular biology of disease” notes are littered with inane comments, my biophysics notes are largely untouched). Presumably at the time I thought it would cause me some amusement when it came to doing my revision. While most of them did cause me to chuckle vaguely, they backfired by causing me to procrastinate by compiling some of them here:

Injection of CD25 depleted T cells into nude mice led to a range of autoimmune conditions (nude mice are defective in genes for clothes).

Inhalers prevent bronchospasm and other stuff that i don’t know because my brain switched off momentarily because I found a cat hair on my jumper and I don’t even own a cat WTF.

Comparison of the NMR spectra reveals that the intermediate state is very similar to the native American Indian state of America with teepees and stuff.

Apparently the activation loop that goes up and down on kinases looks like a nose. It doesn’t look like a nose. Noses don’t go up and down. It looks like a penis.

Cytotoxic juvenile delinquents should be sent to the thymus to mature.

The pathology and cellular mechanisms of atherosclerosis – I just know this lecture is going to make me die of squeamishness, better leave now.

The association rate constant is a 2nd order rate constant and ENZYME KINETICS ARE HAWT <3

Dr Ford is about to give us a lecture on the assembly of the tobacco mosaic virus. To get us excited and enthused, he starts with telling us that the lecture will be just like he’s telling us a fairy story – but with actual experimental evidence.

kapp=k1[ribosome] + k-1, where k1 is the gradient and – OMG THAT’S THE y= mx + c equation that I learned in GCSE algebra! OMG OMG SKOOL CAME IN USEFUL.

The Phi X174 phage proteins contain a jelly-roll motif (like a Swiss roll to us English). Who knew Delia Smith would pop up in a lecture about bacteriophage Phi X174… they developed this really clever idea to measure distances by fluorescence energy transfer… but then it turned out the distances were too big and/or too close to measure. So it told us nothing. What rotten luck.

If you get a snake bite/whatever and get passive immunization afterwards – if you get exposed to the venom a second time you go URK as you will mount a response to it and go in to shock and POP GOES YOUR FACE. Lesson: DON’T GET BITTEN TWICE, NUMBSKULL.

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  1. Penny

    I got linked here from SFN. Totally in love with your blog! Keep those entries coming!! <3<3

  2. greippi

    Glad to hear my burblings are actually interesting, thanks 🙂

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