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Lab Safety – Lesson 1

January 24th, 2011 by Greippi

I’ve been pretty busy with my Masters and have been neglecting my blog. I came up with a cunning plan to spew my “scientific” nonsense: video diaries. They’re quicker to make than painstakingly pondering over words. However since I am so brain blattered and tired, things are liable to get silly. In addition, I prefer writing. Still, at least I’m postin’.


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  1. Cap'n Refsmmat

    Top-secret method for embedding YouTube videos:

    In your blog admin, find the Plugins section and enable the Easy Tube plugin.

    In your post, simply enter [youtube:link_to_youtube_video] and the video shall magically appear there.

    Your video reminds me of a Far Side comic which I unfortunately cannot find online. Blast.

  2. dragonstar57


  3. Greippi

    Thanks Cap’n, evidently you are much wiser than I am.

    I have a huge book of Far Side, I shall flip through and see if any reminds me of myself…hah!

  4. blike

    I rather enjoyed this.

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