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Time Loop

Okay, so this is just a theory, very rough and doesn’t have much evidence to back it up due to very limited resources.
Now this is based on the ability to go back in time. So if you were to go back in time (unplanned), then would you be able to get out of a constant time loop, where you are traveling along from A to B.

So say you are going through normal time and then something happened to divert you away from the normal flow from A to B which ended up with you going back in time. After that would you be able to change the past by going A to B by jumping over the event that caused you to go back in time and carry on to B or would it just not be possible as you are now destined to go from A to C to A to C and so on.
If the A to C was what happened, then what would happen to the other you who would keep passing through, doing the event without knowing what would happen, causing the other you to keep going round from A to C, causing the time loop to just fill with you’s from the past. This would either prove parallel universes which are not accessible by traveling in the first, second or third dimension, it would simply be a paradox or you would just disappear from the the future.

Please do ask questions as bits of it can be confusing and I will answer any questions as best I can, and will leave a diagram below. Also I’m 14, and I realize that is very “out there” and I don’t have evidence to back it up as I haven’t come across any, and would appreciate if anyone else knows anything to do with it to contribute.

The black is the line of normal events in time.
The blue is is the alternative route that happens to take you back in time.
The red is that journey back in time to point A.
The green is the jump for after you have gone through the “blue” that takes you away from the alternative route and brings you too the normal flow of events, after the alternative route.


Edge of Space?

If space is, as its called space…….. what means it has to have an edge?

This is a link to a discussion about it:


Observing the past. Possible to look back in time at a noticeable rate.

Okay, so it is quite simple. Light goes at the speed of 299,792,458 m / s.
Now it is possible to slow down light……. a lot! Researchers at the Rowland Institute for Science slowed light to 16.98752 m / s (38 miles per hour) in 1999, and researchers at UC Berkeley slowed the speed of light traveling through a semiconductor to 9.7 km/s (34900 kilometers per hour or 21700 miles per hour) in 2004. So we will call 16.98752 m / s, A which is a variable depending on the amount the light is slowed down. REF: http://en.wikipedia….wiki/Slow_light REF: http://en.wikipedia….wiki/Slow_light

Now if this light (A) were in a very large room, with 2 people on either side of it with telescopes a few miles away, then if one of them put their hand up then it would take a long time for the other guy to even notice it, changing the whole light cone.

So light has been slowed down by an amazing 17647806.03643145 times, which theoretically, should mean that everything we see is either 17647806.03643145 times slower or we have 17647806.03643145 times the amount of delay that we would normally have on our light cone.

X is the time it takes for you to see what is happening in the present at a distance.
So the equation should be X = D / A


I am currently reading ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Prof. Stephen Hawking. I haven’t got past the third chapter yet but it is proving to be an amazing read and I will follow it up with ‘The Universe in a Nutshell’ . Anyway, I found that in Chapter 2; Space and Time, Stephen Hawking is talking about what I am saying above. I was quite proud of myself because I came up with it myself and so had Stephen Hawking! :D


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