Unlocked Cage

I ended my marriage of ten years back in 2010. We had grown apart over the course of several years and even though we didn’t fight like cats and dogs, we decided it was best to part ways. There were other issues that played their part, but I am not going to dish out all of the he said / she did stuff because marriage is a two way street and it really does take quite an effort on both parties to make it work or consequently fall apart. “Unlocked Cage” is about the end of my marriage and my comming to terms with my divorce.

Unlocked Cage

Throughout the years I have been cruel
I locked you up just like a fool

Within my heart I caged you in
A love so true should never end

It is hard for me to let you go
It feels like losing part of my soul

I know you just need time to see
That you can share a life with me

I should have seen your colors fade
I should have heard your love song wane

I should have been a better friend
To be with you until the end

But now I must set you free
To release you from your misery

I unlocked the cage I put you in
So spread your wings and fly again

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