Einstein Relatively Simple

It’s been quite a ride. And it still feels like a dream. But finally my popular science book, Einstein Relatively Simple: Our Universe Revealed in Everyday Language, is available in the U.S.

If you (or anyone you know) are interested in Einstein or the wonders of the universe, please check it out. I wrote it especially for those who always wanted to understand Einstein’s ideas but perhaps never thought it possible. So you don’t need a PhD in physics to understand it.

For a description of what the book is about, some early reviews, and where you can get it, please click on:


One thought on “Einstein Relatively Simple”

  1. The education system seems to keep people confused since most physicists are teaching it incorrectly. They describe the bizarre effects of Special Relativity, yet they do not reveal the absolute foundation that creates these relativistic outcomes. Once you see the absolute cause, it all becomes very simple to understand.

    If you perform a purely logical analysis of “MOTION”, you eventually understand Special Relativity and you also create all of its equations. No education in physics is required to do so, other than taking into account the fact that light is the fastest speed possible.

    Proof of this simple and effective motion analysis is shown in just ( 1 1/2 hours ) via 9 short videos. Watch the 9 videos at http://goo.gl/fz4R0I .

    Due to my unique but unappreciated way of thinking, my parents had pulled me out of school, and had done so before I had a chance to acquire any education in the field of physics.

    Thus the way in which I eventually understood Special Relativity, and derived all of the SR equations, is unique to the world. But the point is, if you just perform a simple analysis of motion, this takes you step by step to eventually acquiring a full understanding of SR.

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