Just Don't Do It

How to not get caught plagiarizing

Teachers hate plagiarism more than they hate stepping on puppies and kittens. If there are two students in a class, and one has plagiarized an assignment and one has crushed some puppies and kittens, and the teacher only has time to turn one of them it to the administration, they’ll turn in the plagiarizer.

One thought on “Just Don't Do It

  1. The Nanny State could fix that: Stick shifts mandatory, no vehicle above 100 hp… no private ownership of transportation. Every household must lease a car that comes with a diversity-certified driver, ending unemployment in America! Privileged minorities, the other-abled, and anybody getting Socialist Security benefits get their cars and drivers free, as compassion!

    When the automative death rate then increases, we will then double our efforts and triple our budgets. The War on Auto-Mortality!

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