Piiiiics iiiiin Spaaaaaace!

No, not the Swinetrek. The International Space Station turns 10

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the first launched module of the International Space Station (ISS). The module Zarya was lifted into orbit on November 20th, 1998 by a Russian Proton rocket lifting off from Baikonur, Kazhakstan. In the decade since, 44 manned flights and 34 unmanned flights have carried further modules, solar arrays, support equipment, supplies and a total of 167 human beings from 15 countries to the ISS, and it still has a ways to go until it is done. Originally planned to be complete in 2003, the target date for completion is now 2011. Aside from time spent on construction, ISS crew members work on a good deal of research involving biology and physics in conditions of microgravity. If humans are ever to leave the Earth for extended periods, the ISS is designed to be the place where we will discover the best materials, procedures and safety measures to make it a reality. (32 photos total)

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  1. The only decent ISS FUBAR experiment would have been raising wild field mice (not lab mice – no genetic variability). Eight years and 10 weeks’ from birth to puberty cycle 42 generations. We would know if terrestrial mammals evolve microgee tolerence. Man in Space is FEMA in Louisiana plus radiation cataracts.