2011: The Top 10, in Base 14

Greatest posts/year-in-review lists seem to be all the rage, so why not?


The top traffic posts that are not simply one of my many links, i.e. there is significant commentary or it’s an original piece. Not always about physics or technology.

MiniMe, You Retweet Me

Blogging: You’re Doing it Wrong! (Part 1) (and others in the series)

Here Be Dragons

Time for a New Article on Time

Have You Checked the Woodworking Lately?

Thou Shalt Not Dilate Thy Time


Other physicis-y post highlights for the year

There Must Be Room for Debate

Poolside Optics

The Butler’s Name is Emissivity

Today is Fara Day

Photography and Physics Tutorial: Filtering and Polarized Light

You Can’t Even Hope to Contain Him

The Nose Knows Physics


And one non-physics highlight:

If I Did It