Batteries: Is Cheap Cheap or Inexpensive?

Dot Physics: Are Expensive Batteries Worth the Extra Cost?

If you have kids, you probably know this already, but lots of stuff needs batteries. Remote control toys, Wii remotes, laser pointers (well, that is for me), flash lights, even Nerf guns. For me, I have found the best place to pick up batteries is at one of these “dollar” stores. Sure the batteries are cheaper, but are they any good? Who knows. Let’s find out.

I go through batteries at a prodigious pace at times, what with photography and geocaching, so I go with NiMH batteries and a charging station (though I also tend to carry a pair of alkaline batteries as an emergency backup). The problem with NiMH batteries is the tendency to discharge when not in use, but hybrid batteries (sometimes labeled “pre-charged”) keep their charge better than the old ones.