In Case You Don't Have Enough Iodine in Your Diet

Some laser table porn. This shows an iodine vapor cell fluorescing from some ~520 nm light passing through, as well as scatter off of other components. Visible lasers make for quite a show; not everyone we’ve had in the lab believes that our IR lasers systems are really aligned since they can’t see the light.

3 thoughts on “In Case You Don't Have Enough Iodine in Your Diet

  1. Aah, visible lasers. So very easy to align. 1 um and 1.5 um lasers aren’t so much worse, although they do mean having one of those damn spotter scopes in your hand half the time. 2 um lasers just suck, though; spotter scopes (at least, non-exotic ones) and phosphor cards won’t see them at all. Damn shame that Ho and Tm lasers are the wave of the future for a lot of our applications.

  2. In Case You Don’t Have Enough Iodine in Your Diet.

    Just go to Japan and order some food.

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