We're the Other Guys

I’m going down to Augusta Georgia, looking for a soul to steal to give a timekeeping talk as part of the Augusta State Savannah River Scholars Program. (I imagine if you are in the area and would be inclined to go you already know about it). I looked up the program, and found that my affiliation is (currently) listed as the Naval Research Laboratory. Sigh. At least it gives me a chance to bust the chops of a former navy shipmate who invited me to give the talk; I know that he (as I did) used to call up the Naval Observatory’s Master Clock voice announce to get the official time so that one would do evening colors at the right time when standing watch.

2 thoughts on “We're the Other Guys

  1. NRL for the USNO? Harsh, you guys have waaay better digs.
    USNO = Vice President
    NRL = Sewage Treatment plant

  2. bph, as an employee of the more unforunately-placed of the two institutions, I could not agree more.

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