Check Out That Pecker!

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I’ve had trouble getting decent shots of woodpeckers before — they’ve had a tendency to move around to the other side of the tree or move along if I got close. This time I maxed out the optical zoom on my camera (advertised as 20X) and used the “digital zoom” (trading resolution for additional closeup) for about an extra factor of two and steadied myself against a tree. The bird wasn’t always in the frame for the whole shot as a result, but there’s a bit of footage from which to choose; at 210 fps, this clip represents only about 4 seconds of elapsed time.

One thought on “Check Out That Pecker!

  1. Great footage!

    There has been lots of work on how woodpeckers can do that without mushing the greymatter that keeps them going. (

    The way the woodpecker pecks was even used to understand how to prevent head and neck trauma in humans (Woodpeckers and head injury May et al Lancet. 1976 Feb 28;1(7957):454-5)

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