Buzzwords of 2008

Missing from the list is blogohedron, “popularized” by … me (sort of), so really it’s not a surprise. I just happened to see Brian Switek using it at Laelaps, and acknowledging Blake Stacey for it, and Blake crediting me in the comments (and, BTW, the link is a good summary of a recent blogger vs. journalist caged-death-match exchange).

I can’t and won’t take credit for coining the term, as a quick search shows it predates any use of it here. But I have no recollection of seeing it anywhere before using it, so as far as I know it’s new to me and an example of convergent etymology. I like it better than blogosphere, which gives me the impression of smoothness and uniformity, which doesn’t describe blogging as far as I’m concerned. The world of blogging has facets and edges and pointy bits; it has texture, if not structure.

Maybe we make the 2009 list.

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  1. Even if you did not coin the term, but thank you for passing it along. I used to use blogosphere, but (like you mention here) it sounds too smooth and orderly. With so many differing personalities there are bound to be pointy bits, and I think blogohedron more accurately reflects the state of things. I will definitely continue to use it for some time to come. 🙂