Pedant on the Loose!

Blake’s mention of a “First Night” celebration in Boston, coupled with memories of many stories about similar celebrations in upstate New York (Albany and Saratoga), have triggered this.

The problem: “First Night” celebrations are held on New Year’s Eve, which is the LAST night of the year. I mean seriously, WTF? After midnight, it’s A.M. — Morning*. The organizers must be the same bunch of differently-abled mathletes that celebrated the new millennium when the calendar rolled over to 2000.

*Don’t believe me? Call someone normally asleep at 2 A.M. and see of the they don’t yell at you for waking them up at two in the morning!

0 thoughts on “Pedant on the Loose!

  1. But the student who works on a problem set from 6 PM to 6 AM is “pulling an all-nighter”, and one who falls asleep at 3 AM will say at lunch, “I was up late last night.”

  2. Yeah, but are you going to listen to someone young and foolish enough to pull an all-nighter? 🙂

    Besides, they are up all night. And part of the morning, too.