One thought on “This Week, Next Week … in Space

  1. Dark matter is mathematics essential to so many careers. Noether’s theorems connect vacuum isotropy to conservation of angular momentum. Geometric parity is not a quantum field theory symmetry, nor is it within Noether’s theorems (for being absolutely discontinuous). If the vacuum has a measurable chiral background toward matter, dark matter falls to Milgrom acceleration. This is measurable without contradiction of prior observations.

    Vacuum symmetries are detected with massless boson photons. Gravitating matter is massed fermions, leptons and quarks. Bosons and fermions are never interchangeable, hence manually inserted symmetry breakings within mirror-symmetric theory. String/M-theory, all quantized gravitation theories; and SUSY are still physically sterile. Opposite shoes fit with different binding energies within a trace chiral vacuum background only active toward fermionic mass. Opposite shoes vacuum free fall along non-identical minimum action trajectories, violating the Equivalence Principle. Crystallography furnishes perfect opposite shoes, chirality emergent at atomic bond lengths, as single crystals in enantiomorphic space groups. Two geometric parity Eotvos experiments. Dark matter is ended within 90 days using commercial materials in existing apparatus, 400:1 signal to noise. Somebody should look.

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