The Twinkie Offense and Defense

Meet the Twinkie of particle physics: the muon.

The muon is the sponge cake of elementary particles. It’s plump, basic, easy to mass-produce and disappears quickly—much like a Twinkie.

The rebuttal

Second, despite our relatively long lifespan, we are nothing like a Twinkie, which seems to have an infinite shelf life.

Much like Wonder Bread, the Twinkie’s expiration date is “You should live so long”

One thought on “The Twinkie Offense and Defense

  1. Unlike the electron, the muon has a lifespan of only a fraction of a second—long enough to be mass-produced in particle accelerators and neatly packaged for experiments.” A muon is at rest in its own inertial frame has a half-life of 1.523 microseconds (455.6 meters). Unless muons are lab frame deeply relativistic, the package is all leaks.

    Word record expiry dates must not exclude the Peep (laser exposure endurance, slow application of heat, flame tolerance, hot tub, electrocution, coyote test, oxygen eeprivation, radiation tolerance) and presumably Velveeta.

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