I Didn't Know They Could Do That!

A colleague came into my office yesterday to show me a naughty picture on her phone: food porn. Specifically, it was a chocolate in the shape of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. The image was vaguely familiar — I had linked to Star Wars ice trays recently, but the thought of using them as chocolate molds had not occurred to me. Presumably this is how the Darth Chocolate and Almond Stormtroopers goodies were made.

The Han Solo (and other) molds are also available at Amazon and Think Geek, where they actually note that it can be used for chocolate.

7 Han Solos (6 small and 1 large)
Still only worth one bounty

h/t to SB

One thought on “I Didn't Know They Could Do That!

  1. Silicone trays, eh? No ice. Cast plaster (Hydrostone), styrene polyester, polyurethane, or the ultimate intergalactic warrior composition of matter – Bondo! Lead-free pewter melts below 320 C. Silicone should take that. (92% Tin (Sn); 6% Antimony (Sb); 2% Copper (Cu); ~7.3 g/cm^3), Paint the small ones copper, silver, or gold to have a medium of exchange.

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