Cowboy Gil: Your Lower Intestine

Anatomically Correct Glass Sculptures

From the vascular system to brain and lung models, Farlow and his team of ten construct borosilicate glass structures representing the inner workings of the human body. With the addition of some tinted liquid being pumped through the translucent and hollowed out figures, one can even simulate blood flow or the passage of oxygen, making them ideal for teaching and learning.

Mesmerizing Glass Skeleton Radiates Krypton Light

The Portland-based sculptor took over 1,000 hours over the course of two years to complete this 78-inch tall glass replica of the human skeleton. Unlike a normal model of a skeletal frame, this structure is built out of a series of carefully crafted borosilicate glass tubes that are illuminated like one large anatomically shaped neon light when ionized krypton enters the hollow, transparent figure.