The New Phonebook's Here! The New Phonebook's Here!

Oops, I mean Phys Rev A

Tests of local position invariance using continuously running atomic clocks

As the disembodied voice said, “If you build it, he will come.” Meaning, in this case, that if you have a bunch of atomic physicists who have built one type of continuously running atomic clock, which is different than other, commercially available kinds of continuously-running atomic clocks, it means there is an opportunity to do a test of one of the principles of general relativity.

There should be a version up on ArXiv soon, so I’ll post a link when I can, and after the ScienceOnline 2013 conference I intend to write up a blurb, muddling through the general relativity a bit, in the context of what we did. (and by “we” I mean the first author, Steve, who did the heavy lifting)

(Oh, and BTW, this paper’s publication was of course timed to coincide with my 5th Blogoversary, which was yesterday)

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  1. I don’t need a phonebook. I cut off an inch from a ruler. It contains every document that has ever been or ever will be written. All phone numbers are already on it.

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