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I was cleaning up my inbox the other day and accidentally opened up the box below Admin, which is Answerguy, and one I had forgotten about. Several years ago I was “The Answer Guy” (or at least I had his email address) for our web page, back in the days when I took care of my research group’s web page. The legacy site is still present but in some sense is no longer “official” and has not been maintained in some time (the cesium fountain page has been dormant even longer). The current official page for work is much more sterile and doesn’t even discuss the clock details at all.

I got a number of inquires over the three or four years that the email address was active. A few crackpotty ones, several good questions, and a few from people who couldn’t find contact info on the pages other departments were maintaining, so there were several moon phase and time-of-sunset inquiries I punted. But I like this one, in particular:

To whom it may concern, My name is Christopher I am a sophomore in highschool and conducting a science fair project on time travel. I am not sure if this is the appropriate email address for this, but i am trying to obtain an atomic clock that measures to the nanosecond. If you have any information please please email me as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Christopher

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  1. Oh, that was me. I sent the email, then traveled back to 1972, won the science fair and opened a bank account with the prize money. Now I can afford one of your clocks.

    I will be having waited for your prompt reply back then tomorrow.

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