Nothing New Under the Sun

Energy-Harvesting Street Tiles Generate Power from Pavement Pounder

The marathon runners generated 4.7 kilowatt-hours of energy

That’s a little more than fifty cents’ worth of electricity

I’ve already commented on this system, but I’ll sum up:

– It’s converting roughly a dollar’s worth of food into a penny’s worth of electricity. If they weren’t stealing the energy from people, this would never save anyone any money.

– The energy they steal is not green, so this energy is not, despite the effort to “launder” it.

– It’s still not clear how long it would take to save enough to pay for such a system

One thought on “Nothing New Under the Sun

  1. An upscale office complex here has a small fleet of electric subcompacts. It also has a generator trailer hitched to a pickup truck. The generator fires up. Connectors looking like gasoline fueling hoses snake to the subcompacts. The trailer’s graphics are brightly crass, and the cars “run on electricity.” The only reduction is the number of parking spaces horizontally occupied by the truck and the trailer.
    There was blood and fire and thunder… and something awful was moving in the middle of it. Al Gore?

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