My Voice is My Passport. Verify Me.

As I wrote on Friday, there’s a potential danger in thinking that your experience is typical or widespread. I ran across a topic where this applies — online pseudonyms. I obviously don’t; I work in a small slice of applied science, so I think it would be hard to put up repeated posts about timekeeping and not be found out, but more importantly, I’m not in a situation where need to hide who I am. But that isn’t true of all bloggers.

Tell me again how pseudonyms are lame

Pseudonyms are essential online

I think it’s important to draw the distinction between an anonymous online presence and a pseudonym. A pseudonym at least presents a consistent persona. Even though you don’t know the person’s name, there is an identity associated with the ideas. Criticism aimed at anonymous writing doesn’t necessarily apply to someone using a pseudonym.

One thought on “My Voice is My Passport. Verify Me.

  1. Some of the best posts and comments out there are by anonymous. Anonymous authors can often communicate more directly and honestly than named authors. There’s a reason reporters like anonymous sources.

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