It Truly is Neverending

Over at Uncertain Principles, Chad has more to say on the topic of yesterday’s link/post: Science Journalism vs. Sports Journalism

A very good point: one should look at less-popular sports for this comparison, and the Olympics gives us a good example of sports many of us only see every 4 years. That’s more like the situation science journalism is in.

Also that the multi-level reporting exists if you look across multiple sources, because not all science publications are trying to reach the same audience. The trouble is they are competitors.

The Internet would seem to offer the ability to do this via links, but most media organizations regard links to other publications as slightly less desirable than painful and disfiguring disease. Any reader leaving the site is seen as lost forever, so they make it as difficult as possible to get anywhere else. Most of them won’t even link to the source papers and/or press releases, which is maddening.

Amen to that, and to bloggers in general who overall do a much better job of this cross-pollination.