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Top 10 Physics Findings That Will Tangle Your Brain

zapperz has already covered this; it’s got the usual hits like equating quantum teleportation and Star Trek, but the idea that the slowing of the earth means that time is slowing down is a new one. The mistake it makes is old, though; the slowing is an acceleration. 1.4 ms/day/century means that in another 100 years, all things being equal, the slowdown will be 2.8 ms/day. And that even if the rotation stabilized, if the rate were smaller then the earth would still run slow. It would just do it at a constant rate.

The one that gets me in the list is “stopped light.” The experiment is quite cool — being able to absorb light and then recreate the beam later with all of the information about its coherence and polarization intact — but “stopped light” is hyperbole.