Inmates Running the Asylum

Yup, a Climate Change Denier Will Oversee NASA. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

This is very worrisome. NASA is one of the key scientific agencies studying global warming and climate change. A good fraction of NASA’s annual budget goes to Earth-observing satellites critical in looking at various factors of climate change (like the recently launched OCO-2, which monitors CO2).

This is as close to the analogy of putting the fox in charge of the hen house that there is. It would be as ludicrous as putting the rabidly anti-science Sen. James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) in charge of the committee that oversees the Environmental Protection Agency.

Oh, wait.

One thought on “Inmates Running the Asylum

  1. Actually there are several precedents.

    The Janissaries were originally Christian guards of the Ottoman sultan, The Varangian guard were pagan bodyguards of the Christian Byzantine emperor and on a more modern note Northern Irish cities elect Catholic mayors to suppress majority non Catholic criminal groups.

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