Just don't show it

Censors wagging the dog

OK, for the Nth time in recent memory, there was a movie on cable, with which they just shouldn’t have bothered. If you’re going to show Blazing Saddles but are going to blip out every instance of words like “nigger” and “faggot,” just don’t bother. It’s a satire about bigotry. It loses a whole lot in translation when you try and clean up the bigoted speech.

Similarly, if you are going to show The Jerk, either leave “blowjob” in it or cut the whole damn scene. It’s pointless otherwise.

0 thoughts on “Just don't show it

  1. It was even funnier when I watched Blazing Saddles and they didn’t bleep out the words — they removed the sound altogether for a second or two. For someone who had never seen the movie before it would be rather confusing.

    I suppose the racism shown by the town members is okay — they just can’t verbalize it.