You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

New laser pointer. 20 mW, $20. Elicited some “gotta get one” responses, as well as “That’s bright!” (It is, too)


It’s supposed to say “Laser” (3 second exposure on the camera)

Laser writing is hard. No mechanical feedback, no visual feedback.

5 thoughts on “You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

  1. I got mine through; there are a couple of options for 20 mW at $17.94 plus shipping. I just did a search (green laser pointer 20mw) and now there’s a 30 mW laser for $19.95. Auugh! Stimulated buyer’s remorse!

  2. I’ve got a 50mW purchased in China for $10, but I have suspicion it wasn’t meant for 50mW — it had 5mW written on the box and scratched out, and the brightness has been petering out since I first got it. Hopefully it’ll still be bright enough when I need it to point a telescope next week…

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