Yes, Virginia, There is a Climate Conspiracy

Just not the one you might think.

Climate change cover-up? You better believe it

There is, in fact, a climate conspiracy. It just happens to be one launched by the fossil fuel industry to obscure the truth about climate change and delay any action. And this release of emails right before the Copenhagen conference is just another salvo—and a highly effective one—in that public relations battle, redolent with the scent of the same flaks and hacks who brought you “smoking isn’t dangerous.”

2 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, There is a Climate Conspiracy

  1. This kind of cr@p ticks me off. We’re like the goblins in the Rainbow Magic children’s series. We can’t accomplish anything because we’re always bickering. I blame the climate scientists as much as the nutjobs like Inhofe. They’ve done such a poor job educating the public that they’ve left themselves open to criticism.

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