FOOF is not for the Faint of Heart

Things I Won’t Work With: Dioxygen Difluoride

aka FOOF

Sulfur compounds defeated him, because the thermodynamics were just too titanic. Hydrogen sulfide, for example, reacts with four molecules of FOOF to give sulfur hexafluoride, 2 molecules of HF and four oxygens. . .and 433 kcal, which is the kind of every-man-for-himself exotherm that you want to avoid at all cost. The sulfur chemistry of FOOF remains unexplored, so if you feel like whipping up a batch of Satan’s kimchi, go right ahead.

One thought on “FOOF is not for the Faint of Heart

  1. Thanks for that Swansont. It’s fascinating how that stuff is so dangerous yet it still raises a smile to my face reading about it. From my limited knowledge It seems to make plutonium look quite benign and boring by comparison!

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