The required reading/viewing apparently did not include the Tacoma Narrows Bridge for the Russian engineers who built this

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The bridge across Volga river is 1260 meters long and 32 meters wide. It was opened less than a year ago in October 2009.

2 thoughts on “Resonances

  1. That video looks incredibly fake. Like someone playing with a photoshop filter for squishing and stretching an image. Note how all of the light posts remain perfectly vertical.

  2. The Russians later tested the bridge by driving fifteen huge fully-loaded dump trucks over it. That must have taken some courage. (I assume the guy who drew the short straw had to go first, and the guy who drew the even shorter straw had to go last.) The bridge (and the drivers) survived the test, so they claim they’ll be able to get it re-opened for traffic soon. This report is in Russian, but includes a picture of the heavy-truck test:

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