I Have to Issue You a Ticket

For violating the laws of physics

Violations of conservation of energy
Count #1: The ball is traveling much faster at the top of the first loop than when it rolls down the ramp just above it
Count #2: The ball comes off the green elastic faster than when it hit

Count #3: The ball come to rest just below the rubber band, and
Count #4: again on the left on the second ramp from the bottom,

yet has enough energy to launch the next ball all the way to the top

The launching device should be a cannon triggered by a pushbutton, to plausibly add energy to the system.

(updated to add #2 and renumber other violations)

One thought on “I Have to Issue You a Ticket

  1. You’re funny! where do you get that animation?
    Have you tried Phun? It’s awesome and does follow Newtonian mechanics properly.

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