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Time-lapse sunset at Lake Chautauqua, though it loses something with the youtube compression. The lake is not slanted — that was user error in setting up on a bit of a hill and not noticing that the camera wasn’t level. 12 second pause between shots, and the twilight is extended because the camera was on autoexposure, so it compensated for low light by taking longer exposures. Also used a polarizing filter to cut some of the glare, since we know that light reflected off of the lake will have a component that is linearly polarized, parallel to the water.

One thought on “Sunset

  1. Should be possible to do a small rotation and crop to fix the angle.

    I am thinking GraphicsMagick or maybe Mencoder (part of the Mplayer package). (Both free). I have done cropping and 90 degree rotations using mencoder.

    Let me know if you are interested in some help.

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