“Ho! Haha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha – THRUST!”

Jennifer whips out her $1.25 quarter-staff pen and writes tit for tat, an excellent twist to the physical theories as women

Electrodynamics is your first real boyfriend, and all your friends swear he’s quite the catch: well-educated, ambitious, clean-cut, amusing, great chemistry, plus you love his mom. Alas, he is Mr. Traditional Family Values, and you are still going through your experimental “finding yourself” phase — frankly, you’re just not ready to settle down. Sure, opposites attract and make the sparks fly, but there has to be some complementary areas, too. You think he cares too much about what other people think. Your electro-shock blue Mohawk and multiple body piercings pretty much take you out of the running for Long-Term Potential, given his conservatism and career ambitions. When your differences become too great, you chalk it up to life lessons learned and move on to greener pastures.

I suspected that Thermodynamics is the guy you’re never really into, that helps you move into a new apartment/dorm, even while you’re dating Electrodynamics or Special Relativity, but by the time Quantum comes along, he realizes it’s hopeless. In later years, he becomes statistical mechanics, and you confirm you were right to have never gotten seriously involved.