One thought on “Correct in Theory, Correct in Practice

    Why experimental physicists hate expermental chemists

    Do opposite shoes vacuum free fall differently? Every property of matter physics can imagine vacuum free falls identically to at least one part in 20 trillion difference/average, hydrogen atoms to neutronium pulsars. No extrinsic, extensive, emergent scale observable can be fundamental, by definition. Physics is carefully blind to opposite shoes. Chemistry is not.

    Physics has an especially fine track record concerning chirality: “symmetry breakings” (wrong predictions). Physics denies relevance if outside its own biases. The universe is not so constrained. The worst a parity Eotvos experiment Equivalence Principle test can do is succeed. Somebody should look.
    Phsysicist can’t look into 3-D stereograms, either. Pity.

    One tires of white swans and bright streetlights.

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