My Pen Crashed

The Pen That Never Forgets

The pens perform an interesting trick: when Dervishaj and her classmates write in their notebooks, the pen records audio of whatever is going on around it and links the audio to the handwritten words. If her written notes are inadequate, she can tap the pen on a sentence or word, and the pen plays what the teacher was saying at that precise point.

Dervishaj showed me how it works, flipping to her page of notes on exponents and tapping a set of numbers in the middle of the page. Out of a tiny speaker in the thick, cigar-shaped pen, I could hear her teacher, Brian Licata, explaining that precise problem. “It’s like having your own little personal teacher there, with you at all times,” Dervishaj said.


2 thoughts on “My Pen Crashed

  1. My problem at school wasn’t that I didn’t understand my notes. My problem was that I lost my pen all the time!

  2. That sounds like a really cool pen. However, I probably would end up misplacing it and then being too focused on that fact to function properly and take notes during the lecture.

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