Revenge of the Ant Overlords

Vdara visitor: ‘Death ray’ scorched hair

The “hot spot” was visible during one of the visits, but no guests were in its reach. An employee pointed out the zone and said it was “like a magnifying glass that shines down” over a space about 10 feet by 15 feet, which moves as the Earth rotates. At this time of year, the bright reflection is present for about an hour and a half, both before noon and after, according to the young man.

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One thought on “Revenge of the Ant Overlords

  1. Witness accounts suggest an imaging optical surface. If the reflection is a non-imaging caustic it is more difficult to dissipate. To avoid building heating its skin must be highly reflective. Windows must allow occupants to look out. Macro-changes are not clever.

    Mount an airy modern art sculture with a reticulated structure that is cumulatively pathlength opaque at the required ascension and azimuth ranges. That coverts the beam into a vertical hot air plume.

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