Pet Peeve of the Day

The wave of pedantry continues.

How is it possible to have two midterms in one class? This bugged me when physics professors for whom I was TA-ing would do it, and I’ve seen a couple of references more recently. A MIDTERM happens in or near the MIDdle of the TERM. It’s right there in the word. As the so-called immortals of Highlander would say, “There can be only one!” If it doesn’t happen then, it’s just a regular ol’ EXAM or a TEST. At least having more than one final exam hasn’t caught on yet, as far as I’m aware.

3 thoughts on “Pet Peeve of the Day

  1. I’ve never met more than one midterm myself, but the one time I heard about this before, it was explained as a “midterm” being any exam that is not at the end of the course. Or the beginning, I suppose.

  2. Actually, in my Thermo class, we have two finals. One on the last day of regular class, and then like three days later, the actual final. But it’s basically part I and II of the same final… It’s odd.

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