Death to Contract Goblins

Funny story about contract goblins, the denizens of the land of the wireless, who are not human, have no souls and bind you to contracts.

The store a few blocks away, which I walked to in the kind of weather that warps reality, couldn’t help me either. See, I purchased my phone from an at&t licensed store, not a core store. At this point, I had been trying to get this iPhone for just over three hours, and my anger was such that I could almost move objects with my mind. I returned to the kind, helpful sales rep at my local store and told him I’d be willing to swallow the price tag of an iPhone. He said he was out of stock.

I don’t have the desire to spend upwards of $1k a year on phone service; I have a brick of a phone and buy minutes so that I can use it the three times a year it’s helpful to me. Otherwise my phone is turned off. My own peeve is with the phone and cable companies who send out massive amounts of paper spam mail, with the offers to bundle your services. They put helpful phrases on the envelope, such as “Important account information inside!” to get you to open it, but of course the “important” thing is getting you to add more services to your account, which is more importance to them than to me. The trouble with this is that it gets you desensitized to the mail, and when the bill shows up, mysteriously not announcing that there is truly important information in it — your frakking bill — you might just ignore it. Which I just realized I did, again, while paying another bill online. Oh, Joy, here comes a late fee, which I have no doubt is by design, and helps pay for all that spam. Positive return on investment.

Dirty buncha angel rapers.

One thought on “Death to Contract Goblins

  1. I learned a long time ago not to ignore any mail that may be a bill. I cancel;led an account with JC Penny and paid it off. Then I started receiving solicitations to re open the account, several times in the first month. I got tired of them and started just throwing them away. It turns out there was a sub dollar residual amount in the account but it soon blossomed into over $100.00 due to late fees. I tried to fight the late fees but JCP said it was out of their hands. It dropped my credit score quite a bit due to being a “late payer” and cost me several thousand dollars when I refinanced my house. So I open all “bills” now.

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