Just Tell Me What it IS!

Abstruse Goose: Moment of Clarity(?) – part 2

(Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason only half the page is displaying; at first I thought maybe it was a joke I wasn’t getting, but the text that normally appears under the image was missing as well. In case you have similar viewing issues, it is actually a nine panel cartoon. I saw the whole thing here, in the Feb 22 cartoons)

Spin is one of the harder things to explain to non-physicists or science amateurs, because the conversation invariably goes back to “what’s really going on here?” Sorry, dude, it’s quantum mechanics. That request can’t be processed.

One thought on “Just Tell Me What it IS!

  1. it’s questions that make the average think that a lot of physics theories are BS.
    any time a non science person asks a question and the physicist answers all the non science person hears is incoherent jabbering.
    which leads me to my favorite science joke
    “so you’re becoming a physicist”
    “cool I didn’t know you’re bilingual”

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