Over on the Other Side of the Line

Understating the risks is just as irresponsible as overstating it.

The Mind of Dr. Pion: Don’t believe what the press is telling you!

There is no explicit by-line on this article, but the video contains an interview with BBC reporter Chris Hogg in Tokyo that repeats that a half life of 8 days means “that after 8 days the risk will have dissipated”.

The reporter is WRONG. Twice, because that is also not what the officials said. His ignorance of basic physics, in this case a topic I always teach in a college general education class, led him to misinterpret what was actually said by a government spokesman and hence mislead the public.

One thought on “Over on the Other Side of the Line

  1. North American west coast fisheries are in for it,


    Uncle Al drops messages in a bottle into the Pacific about 50 miles west of Point Conception, hundreds. “Dilution” is minor. The majority arrive in the Philippines regardless of date of drop or weather in-between. The big plop of Cs-137 from steam explosions plus core drainage of everything are coming. Go shopping for fish in 2012 with a radiation meter. Cesium segregates like potassium. Human excretion cycle of about 20 days.

    (If you will be crossing the Drake Passage to Antarctica during a February, kindly contact Uncle Al six or more months prior – bottle drop!)

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