Just Leave the Beretta, 007

Letters of Note: May I suggest that Mr. Bond be armed with a revolver?

Boothroyd’s long letter continued in a similar vein, filled with incredibly detailed weaponry suggestions for 007. Fleming, delighted to be furnished with such expert advice, immediately replied with the letter seen below, and, as a result of their subsequent correspondence, equipped Bond with a Walther PPK in the novel Dr. No.

Boothroyd’s observation about the Beretta being a lady’s gun lacking stopping power made it into the movie as “Nice and light — in a lady’s handbag. No stopping power” and the armourer was given the name Major Boothroyd.

One thought on “Just Leave the Beretta, 007

  1. A revolver is guaranteed six, a semi-auto is promised 12. Choose wisely. Don’t play Russian roulette with a semi-auto, for the odds are biased.

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