That's the Way the Metal Crumbles

Builder Blames Navy as Brand-New Warship Disintegrates

There are technical terms for this kind of disintegration. Austal USA, Independence’s Alabama-based builder, calls it “galvanic corrosion.” Civilian scientists know it as “electrolysis.” It’s what occurs when “two dissimilar metals, after being in electrical contact with one another, corrode at different rates,” Austal explained in a statement.

A reason you aren’t supposed to mix aluminum and copper wiring in your abode.

One thought on “That's the Way the Metal Crumbles

  1. The list of deleted items includes something called a “Cathodic Protection System,” which is designed to prevent electrolysis.

    We lack rigorous characterization of the topology and function of cluelessness. Ignorance is not a form of knowing things, nor is faith. Reality deficit disorder leads to deformed decisions resulting in economic cloudy days. Management is rewarded for enforcing process not creating product. Management exists to kill the future, for the only trusted employee is one whose sole marketable asset is loyalty.

    Oh, yeah… why does the DoD mock “buy American”?

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