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Physics World Web Life: Swans on Tea

Swans on Tea is a blog written Tom Swanson, an atomic physicist at the US Naval Observatory who posts under the nickname swansont – hence the name of his blog.

Three posts a day is not uncommon, although many of these entries are quite short, consisting only of links to news stories, online videos, or photos, plus some brief comments from Swanson. Longer posts involving the author’s own work or non-work activities are much rarer, dwarfed by the sheer quantity of interesting stuff he manages to find elsewhere on the Internet.

Nothing you didn’t already know. Just in case you were wondering, though, I was not interviewed (meaning they actually read the blog). I heard about it when someone gave me an attaboy, and have been waiting for the online version to appear.

2 thoughts on “On the Subject of Me

  1. congrats! we get Physics world in our university
    library and I saw it the other day after ajb found it.

  2. Ha! Congrats, Swansont! You deserve it. I have no clue where you find most of your cool stories, but you deserve it.

    I, for one, though, love your written-out opinions on the things you find rather than the link ones (even when the links are great)… share more of these! 😀

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