Buzz Lightyear Physics

Skulls in the Stars: Infinity is weird… even in infinity mirrors!

Even very simple optics can reveal very interesting and surprising phenomena, if one looks carefully enough! I was recently looking into the optics of a so-called “infinity mirror”, which in its simplest incarnation is simply two parallel mirrors on opposite sides of a room or elevator. The result is a multiplication of images, seemingly stretching out to infinity

2 thoughts on “Buzz Lightyear Physics

  1. Yeah…It is really cool looking into such arrangement of mirror. What can be the smallest image’s resolution in it? By the way, Inception used it!

  2. Each image is half the size of its progenitor. Mathematical infinity has practical limits. That is why quantum gravitation and SUSY are such real world pigs.

    Point a video camera at a screen displaying its image, then smartly rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, and back to starting orientation. If there is enough electronic plumbing in between, the time delay evinces trippy effects as feedback oozes round and round.

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