Denialism is Not a New Thing

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Excerpts from One Hundred Proofs That the Earth Is Not a Globe, a pamphlet distributed by William Carpenter in 1885

This was tweeted a little while back. I was curious, so I went out and found all 100. It’s continually amazing how logically weak the arguments are that people will still believe.

3 thoughts on “Denialism is Not a New Thing

  1. But if Earth were a globe, things would slide down and fall off the side! Clearly it’s flat.
    And don’t start spouting that ‘Newtonian Gravity’ nonsense that says things fall up depending on where they are.
    Thousands of years of measurement have shown that things fall down, and down is always down, everywhere. So Earth must be flat.

  2. But what if the Earth is flat! Let’s have an even-handed treatment here. Diversity demands admission by disqualification. Diversity demands the Earth not be a globe. That a traveler can arrive in the east by traveling west is proof that the Earth is a disk whose shadow projects as a disk against the full moon when syzygy occurs at a node. Is that “scientific” enough for you? photo 1968.jpg
    Satellite photos of the central bearing of spinning disk Earth.

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