Galileo Unchained

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6 thoughts on “Galileo Unchained

  1. I’m using Chrome and it still isn’t working for me. But no big deal, I can see it with IE.

    Anyway, if I’m understanding the phenomenon correctly, there needs to be a length of chain that’s sagging in order for this to work. In other words, a section that’s being supported by both ends of the chain, so that it’s pulling down on the weight, and not being fully accelerated by gravity.

    If you hold it so it drops vertically along the chain that’s hanging I think it will fall with the acceleration of gravity.

  2. My own model of it is that you have a changing mass that’s feeling a force. dm/dt<0, so the acceleration is greater than g.

  3. Or another way to look at it is that the center of gravity of the chain-weight system is accelerating downward at 9.8m/s^2, the weight just happens to be moving relative to the cg as it falls.

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