Running the Asylum

Unequivocal: Today’s Right is Overwhelmingly More Anti-Science Than Today’s Left

Both left and right have fringes, where silly claims are made. Thus, for instance, after Fukushima some lefties went hunting for dead babies on the U.S. West Coast from ionizing radiation supposedly traveling across the Pacific. Like I said, fringes.

But the fringes aren’t very relevant—unless the inmates are running the asylum. That’s what you have today on the right, where Republicans and Tea Partiers overwhelmingly reject mainstream knowledge in key areas and these views are also endorsed by elected representatives and even presidential candidates.

Bingo. The wackaloons on the left aren’t in a position to decide on legislation.

One thought on “Running the Asylum

  1. wackaloons Crapweasels claiming empirical falsifications as tests of faith: Gods’ dominion of poverty, hunger, disease, filth, death, and silk-clad priests with whips.

    70 cubic miles each of petroleum and coal plus a carbon-for-carbon addend of methane were buried by Noah’s flood, evidenced by mile-deep layerings of Grand Canyon sedimentary rocks. The Snake River Plain is a similarly layered tectonic graben. Its thousands of vertical feet of rhyolitic tuff and volcanic ash interbedded with basalt flows are Satan’s infernal work with igneous rock to test faith.

    Long half-life radioactive isotopes make Baby Jesus weep. The jury is still out concerning telescopes, differential equations, and Harry Potter. Harry Potter is not looking good.

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