Paradoxes on Electromagnetism Summary


Theory about displacement current and wave

Deformation of EM wave signals

Why EM wave equation does not conform to relativity?

Electromagnetic Wave Paradox

Phantom Lorentz force Paradox

Displacement Current Paradox

Theory about Lorentz EMF

B-Cutting Solution

Lorentz’ EMF paradox

B-cutting paradox

Theory about Lorentz force law

Comparison of the 2 magnetic force laws

Correct differential magnetic force law

Synthesis of the inconsistency of the Lorentz force law

Mathematical cause of the existence of the remaining resultant internal Lorentz force (near a corner, force tends to infinity)

Proof of the remaining resultant Lorentz force internal to a triangular coil (integration of resultant force)

Paradoxes and solutions about Lorentz force law (complete study)

Analyze of the Lorentz forces internal to an equilateral triangle coil (magnetic shield)

Lorentz forces internal to a polygon coil, analyze and computation

Experiment designs and computation about Lorentz force law

I need help

Lorentz torque experiment

Calculation of the Lorentz’ Torque and the Ampere’s torque

Curve shape of the magnetic torques

Experiment designs about displacement current and wave

Deformation of EM wave signals

Displacement magnetism experiment design

Non Loop EMF Experiment

Lorentz’ EMF Experiment

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