Can EMF distribution be known?

Can EMF distribution be known?
19 October 2012

EMF is the generated voltage in a loop under the induction of a varying magnetic field B. But the electric field of the EMF is non-conservative and one has no information about its distribution in space. The present study may give some hints for it.

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Can EMF distribution be known?

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  1. I am not sure I understand what you are saying, but I do know a little about Direct Current and Potential Voltage of Batteries. The B-field of a DC circuit can be stepped down using 2 coils of different sizes. This is commonly known as a Transformer. By using a the techniques inside a differential equations text commonly called the Laplace transform you can find a calculated result of the change in B-Field for 2 coils. Be aware that you lab results will be much different then your calculated result, do to 5-10% tolerence and shunt resistance on say a 12 Volt (lead) battery. A battery is chemical potential energy and when used properly will allow a simple circuit or a lithium based circuit to conduct heat in units (coulombs/seconds) or current. The potential voltage has a unit of (Joules/coulombs). the electromotive force inside a DC battery in modern times is the combination of sulphoric acid(SO4), Zinc(Zn), and Copper(Cu).

    • When there are two ways to compute the voltage, we should obtain the same value. But the example in the text shows two values for the same quantity. Then, the problem is: which one is good and why the other is wrong?

      The point is that there is something mysterious about the nature of induced EMF.

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